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Custom Metal Business Cards

Why a Custom Metal Business Card?… Why not!?

Custom Metal Business Cards

For many people, handing out paper business cards is part of their everyday life. Passing them out to clients, networking companions and suppliers is commonplace. This is why it helps to have plenty of business cards on you at all times.

However, you never know when you might need to hand one out to someone special; someone that could mean the difference between making a deal or not. 

Enter the a “better” alternative…

Paper Vs. Metal

As common as paper business cards are, they have several drawbacks that can hold you back from making a great first impression. For example, you’ll have to put up with:

  • Weak and flimsy material that can be ruined relatively easily
  • Paper business cards are easy to lose. Their weightless nature makes them easy to forget about; therefore you’re easy to forget about. 
  • Paper business cards also tend to look poor when they are exposed to weather; excess moisture, for example, will more or less erase the card of all of its design and details


Metal Business Cards

 A metal business card offers a far sturdier and effective alternative to paper, ensuring that you can have something far more durable. The following are some of the benefits of a metal business card:

  • Far more durable and effective – they can withstand the weather and are less likely to get lost.
  • They are high class and make you look a step up from the norm. People tend to throw away paper business cards, but will be more than likely keep a metal business because its different.
  • Their durability is reflected in their quality; you can tell just by looking at a card like this that it carries all of the hallmarks and qualities of what you need and how you can adjust the project to fit your needs.
  • They really do make a splash! Pull one of these out at a meeting and people will be far more impressed than a simple paper card. It makes you stand out from the crowd.

Are you interested in making your business appear more durable and more reliable than ever before? Then you should always consider how your marketing makes you look. Metal business cards make you look that next stage up from your average punter, giving your clients a real choice to make about who to go with!



What is MCC Services Inc?

MCC Services Inc is a custom metal card & slim wallet manufacturing company; specializing in custom metal business cards. Black metal business cards start @ $4.98 for each metal cards. 

Card Construction

MCC Services Inc only uses 304 grade stainless steel. Each card is individually laser engraved and QC’d to ensure the highest quality product.  


metal business card
Made of 304 Grade Stainless Steel core. 0.5 mm thickness and dipped in a black oxide coating.


Custom Card Designing

Each order includes the help of a dedicated design artist. They are trained to know what type of artwork can & cannot be laser engraved. ALL orders will NOT process until artwork is finalized & approved by the client; no exceptions.   



How Much Do These Cards Cost?

Custom Matte-Black Metal Business Cards starting at $4.98 each*. 


*Artwork applied to the front only. Additional fee to add artwork to the back of the card.